Thank you for your inquiry about our QUICK AVIATION package. We are including some general information about
our software, and the areas that it encompasses.

QUICK AVIATION is consistent with the FAA guidelines for computerized reporting and is both comprehensive, and,
easy to use. We are fully committed to the aviation industry, and the companies that serve it. Our company has
been in this industry for over 11 years, and specializes only in this vertical market software. During this time we
have refined and improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the software to better serve our valued clientele.
We have established a long, on-going relationship with our clients, who know that we stand behind what we sell,
and deliver what we promise. Our name and reputation are hallmarks in the industry because we are serious
about your business. When we enter into a contractual agreement with our clients, they not only get the
software to completely operate their business, they also get our experience and knowledge to help them make the
most of their computerization. We treat your business as if it were our own!

When your requirements change, or whenever you need it, we can change or customize your software to handle
that situation. The benefit to you is that the software will operate the way you operate, and, your company will
never outgrow the software! We can also assist in the data conversion from any older system. Your investment in
the QUICK AVIATION system will assure you of many years of service and efficiency.

We will be happy to demonstrate the package to you and the principals of your company, via PC Anywhere -
Remote Control Software. We are confident that the complete, totally integrated approach, and ease-of-use will
add you to our large list of satisfied clients. In the meantime, if there are further questions or information that
you need, please do not hesitate to call us. The aviation industry is the only business we serve, and we will
continue to strive to serve it with our total commitment.

Please note that, contrary to our competitors, our price includes the complete system, no nickel and dimming, no hidden costs.
The only additional option we offer is the Payroll module if you need it.


William Dodds, President.



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